April 2014

Statewide Central Station Move and Expansion

We are proud to announce that Statewide Central Station has moved into a brand-new, custom-designed, spacious, modern facility known as Corporate Commons One, at 1 Teleport Drive, Suite 202, Staten Island, New York.

Those alarm dealers who had the chance to visit our previous home on Victory Boulevard are aware that our management team was spread out in different parts of the building, and, in some cases, were on separate floors of the building.  This move makes it possible for the team to work together, facilitates communication, and encourages teamwork.

We are grateful to the many alarm professionals who choose us to protect their clients, contributing to our growth, and making this move both possible and necessary.

The growth of our central station has been remarkable…It was the year 2001 that we purchased the central station, moving it to our Victory Boulevard office in 2004.  Back then, we had only two operators on each shift, monitoring a minimal number of digital burg accounts, and occupied an area of about 2,000 sq. ft..

Fast forward to today, Statewide employs over 40 staff members, has 28 operator stations (with room for more!) in an office area of 9,000 sq ft., has an account base that has grown by more than 800 percent, has been FDNY approved since 2002 via Statewide Fire Corp., is a CSAA Five Diamond Certified central station, monitors alarms throughout the United States and Caribbean Islands, and has established a reputation for excellence in customer service, expertise in the industry, and cutting-edge technology.

We remain ahead of the curve with regard to technological advances…We were one of the first to offer remote video monitoring, and we are always eager to explore new technology (whether custom, new, or never-before-tried technology).  Although our redundancy at the previous location was more than adequate, this move has greatly  enhanced our capability to provide uninterrupted service in almost any situation.  Both the power and phone lines at our 100-acre corporate park location are underground, there are two 150kw generators at the premises, as well as multiple high-speed dedicated internet lines for redundancy, in addition to the two off-premise back up locations, including one in the mid-west.

Choosing not to be limited by our name, Statewide can now monitor accounts in 77 percent of the states and municipalities in the United States, is licensed to monitor alarms in almost every state and municipality where license requirements exist for monitoring, and has just a handful of additional states left in which to pursue licensing.

While rapid growth made this move necessary, we are poised and have planned for future growth, while constantly seeking improvements in our level of service to our dealers and their clients.

In an industry with an incredibly high turnover of staff members, we are pleased that our staff members invariably become long-term team members.  As a family-owned and operated firm, we believe that valued and happy staff members make for valued and happy clients, and the future growth and success of our firm is more dependent upon the dedication and effort of our security team than on any other factor.

And, unlike larger central stations and despite our growth, we have become known for providing each alarm dealer (from the smallest to the largest) personal, customized attention and service.   This is the central station where “everyone knows your name”, and our management and staff are determined not to let that aspect of the firm’s service change.

For further information, contact:

Cathi Luongo
Director of Dealer-Client Relations
Statewide Central Station
Corporate Commons One
1 Teleport Drive, Suite 202
Staten Island, New York  10311
Phone 866 494-6414