Statewide’s Unmatched Level of Service

YES, you can!

You can offer your clients a central station with cuttingedge technology, impressive credentials, unmatched redundancy, and STILL deal with a management and security team where everyone knows your name!!


While providing the very latest in technology, we strive for nothing less than excellence in the level of service we provide to our alarm professionals and their clients…

…Our management team is available to our alarm dealers 24/7.  If it’s important to you at 2 am, then it’s just as important to us!   (Just ask any Shift Manager to have anyone on our management team paged at any time.)

…Our training goes well beyond CSAA Five Diamond requirements.  Training at Statewide is ongoing and never ends.  Besides continually training our security staff as we implement new technology, our shift supervisors and managers review policy and brainstorm with staff members at least monthly to determine ways we can improve our service and our interaction with you and your clients.

…In addition, we have two senior staff members whose sole function is ongoing training of our existing staff members, with the goal of continually improving our quality of service.

  …Our alarm response time is one of the best in the industry, and we constantly reinforce its importance with various response incentive programs and periodic competitions among our staff.

 …Our monitoring facility is a wholesaleonly central station.  You will never have to worry that your central station will compete for your accounts.

…Our tech support is unmatched by any central station in the industry.  A few of the ways in which we provide technical support can be found in the Customized Dealer-Client Support section of this website.


Our personalized attention is an aspect of our service which we are determined to maintain – We are proud to be the central station where everyone knows your name; where you can call with a security problem or challenge and immediately have a partner to help you find a solution; and where we constantly seek ways to help your business grow.

We urge you to review our section on Customized Dealer-Client Support for more specific information on specialized features of our services.