Welcome to the Statewide Central Station Monitoring Facility…

Industry-Leading Technology

With a proven history of being ahead of the curve with regard to technology, (Statewide was among the first to offer remote video monitoring, and is always eager to explore new technology—whether custom, new, or never-before-tried technology), Statewide’s new, award-winning, facility is able to support much more in the way of technological advances.

Invite Your Clients

The firm invites their alarm dealers to bring clients to the facility.  Many alarm dealers have taken advantage of this benefit, sometimes bringing clients to see demos of technology, and, often, to simply host meetings in the impressive conference room. Any existing dealer wishing to arrange to visit or meet with a client at Statewide’s facility can simply click here to reserve their time and space.


Security & Redundancy

Although redundancy at the previous location was more than adequate, Statewide’s latest move has greatly enhanced their capability to provide uninterrupted service in almost any situation.

Both the power and phone lines at the 100-acre corporate park location are underground. There are two 150 kw generators at the premises, as well as multiple, highspeed dedicated internet lines for redundancy, in addition to two offpremise back-up locations including one in the mid-west.  

  •  Every server, phone switch, network appliance, and all vital equipment are on two (2) uninterruptible power supply  sources.
  • There are multiple PRI/T1 lines coming into the facility, allowing the firm to transfer phone lines over to back-up lines in the event one of the lines is down.
  • For redundancy, telephone lines are from two (2) different providers.
  • There are two (2) separate internet providers feeding the facility, with a SonicWall router automatically polling the primary provider and automatically  transferring to the secondary provider in the event of a network failure.

Seamless Operation During Disasters

In severe weather (or other) emergencies, the firm can easily house staff at one of the two hotels within walking distance of the facility, allowing security staff to get adequate rest between shifts, even if they cannot travel to their homes.

In the event of any homeland-security related disaster, this corporate complex (owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey) was protected by heavily-armed National Guard members during the weeks and months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our nation, and it remains a high priority facility to be afforded extra protection when necessary.